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This page explains the user view of setting up and using Hudson Team Concept


Adding Team Based Authorization

Note: Before setting up the Authorization scheme, add the Security Realm to Hudson and makes sure the user authentication works fine.

The entire Team Concept is implemented as an Authrozation Strategy. So in order to use the Hudson Team Concept, first the the Team Based Authroization Strategy must be selected as the Authorization Scheme for Hudson.

Go to Hudson Management Page and click on the Configure Security Link. Then select the Team based Authorization Stratgey. Once selected, if it is the first time, then a message is displayed to inform at least one user must be set as System Administrato.


Click on the Add Sys Admin button to add at least one System Administrator. This brings up a dialog to input a user name or group name. If the username or group is already added, the dialog displays the appropriate message.


Once the username or group is added to the Administrator list, now they are displayed with icon to show the status of the user and also a delete icon next to the name. The delete icon can be clicked anytime to remove the entry in the System Administrator list.


There are three types of icon displayed in the list entry

  1. User Icon to show entry is a person
  2. Group Icon to show entry is a group
  3. Red icon to show the entry is unknown to the selected Security Realm

Up on clicking the Delete Icon, a confirmation dialog pops up to confirm the deletion of entry in the Sys Admin list. Any error message received from the server while removing the entry will be displayed in the dialog as a red text.


Managing the teams by Sys Admin

Only the System Administrator is allowed to do creation, deletion and adding initial Team Admins. The team management is done via the Manage Teams link in the Hudson management page. This link appears only if the logged in user is a System Administrator and the Team Based Authorization is selected.


Clicking on the link opens the Team Management page. If there are no teams setup in Hudson this page dispay the appropriate notification along with a button to create new team.


Clcik on the Create New Team to create a new team. A dialog appears to provide team name and description for the team. Any error associated with creation of team will be displayed in the dialog.


When the team is successfully created, it will be displayed on the page with no Team admins and Members. There are few buttons on the Team UI

  • Button to delete the team
  • Button to Add Team Admin
  • Button to Add Team Member


When the Delete Team is clicked a dialog appears to inform the Team will be permanently deleted.

Note: If a team is deleted, then all its jobs must become global jobs, so that System Admin can assign them to other teams (Not Implemented Yet)


Clicking on the Add Admin or Add Member button, brings a dialog to add a user or group to be added as as Team Admin or Team Member


When the user and group is added to the Team, now the UI changes to show the members in the team.


The member information is showed with user or group status icon and a delete icon to delete the members. When clicked on the delete icon, a dialog pops up to confirm the deletion of Team member


Managing a single team by Team Admin

When a team admin login, then that user get to admin only team the user belongs to. The Manage Team link appears on the ledt hand side at the Side Panel


Clicking on the Manage Team link take the team admin to the Team Management Page. But untlike the Sys Admin user, the management page does not display all the teams available in the Hudson indstance. Also the Team admin does not have buttons (or previlege) to create or delete team. But the team admin can add other team admins to the team and other members to the team


After the teams are created and users are added to the teams, any job created by the team will have permission and scope explained in the Team Concept Page.

Managing a team jobs by System Admin

Only when the Sys Admin is logged in, the manage team jobs tab appears in the Manage Teams page. This is mainly to move jobs between teams, especially useful to move public jobs to certain teams.


Selecting the jobs and clicking on the  the Move Jobs button brings up a dialog to select the team to move. The Dialog displays the fully qualified (with team name) of the jobs to show which team the jobs currently belong to. A dropdown list shows the list of teams to select a team to move the jobs to.


After selecting and clicking on the move button, a progressbar button appears to show some of the jobs move is in progress. When a jobs is successfully moved, a green icon appears.