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Hudson-ci/development/release admin tasks

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Hudson-bust.png Admin Tasks when Posting a New Release

For each release, use the following checklist to ensure we don't forget anything.

Pre-Release Tasks

  1. Communicate contents of the changelog to the Admin

Release Day

  1. Update /pages/_download.html with new download information
  2. Update /pages/_changelog.html with changes for this release
  3. Update /pages/_index.html with news headline for release
  4. Ensure /project-info/plan.xml is correct in relation to the release date.
  5. Add the next milestone of not present Update Release information in the Project Meta-data on the Foundation Portal
  6. Update Eclipse download link on website index.html and add news item
  7. Update /docs/news.html on website
  8. Update Wikipedia for Major release
  9. Tweet!

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