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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Oct152012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 15-October-2012


Status of 3.0 release

  • Down to 2 CQ in parallel approval
  • need new CQ for XPATH update (needed for 3.0)
  • RC4 to be staged 19th, testing w/c 22nd
  • Duncan updating RC3/4 links
  • Release RC4 24th October (subject to staging and testing prior to that)
  • Eclipse Release Review needs approx 2 weeks
    • IP log and new project presentation in parallel to RC4
    • Sandbox October end
  • 3.0 stage release 1st November (subject to CQ approvals and Eclipse review)Duncan checking time Eclipse needs for review

Plugin Verification

  • Greg - to check if Oracle documentation resource for wiki page updates
  • Bob and Steve have finished verifying first 50+ plugins for 3.0 (see wiki)
  • Confluence plugin still to be modified to reflect 2.x and 3.0 plugin verification


  • Main buglink in hudson-ci points to Bugzilla
  • to be used for core issues only
  • problem is non-Eclipse committers cannot close bugs (eg plugin developers) so need different soln for plugin

Plugin Issues - Github

  • modify plugin wiki page to point to github issues
  • Winston to work on modify plugin central page and the confluence plugin to point to github (for 3.0)
  • over time create a form in Hudson-ci to enter issues (version 3.1)
  • Need to educate users that core/plugin issues are entered in different places
  • Manfred to work with Java magazine to publicize release (with Tori Wieldt)
    • Winston to work with Manfred on install numbers and use cases
  • Duncan to add JavaOne slides to wiki and blog


  • Winston Prakash
  • Geoff Waymark
  • Duncan Mills
  • Manfred Moser
  • Steve Christou
  • Susan Duncan