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Hudson-ci/community meetings/June022014

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 02-June-2014


  • Hudson 3.2.0 In Progress
    • QA Status
    • Dev Status
  • Hudson 3.2.0 Update Release Schedule

Any other topics that come from the community


Duncan, Winston, Greg, Latha, Bob, Geoff


Hudson 3.2.0

  • QA Status
    • 7 new bug fixes verified. 20 new bugs reported from community
    • New issues reported for SVN plugin which need to be addressed
    • For a list of Hudson 3.2 bugs currently being tracked, see this link
  • Dev Status
    • need more work on team features
    • focused on bug fixes
  • PM Status
    • All CQ's approved
    • Will start Eclipse release review once RC1 is produced ~ last week of June
    • Waiting to hear back from JavaOne results
  • Hudson 3.2.0 Updated Release Schedule

With vacations planned among the Hudson team members, we will move out the release candidate and release date two weeks.

Milestone Date Comments
M0 04/11/2014 Internal milestone to test Spring Security Conversion. Test Plugins and Initial Setup.
M1 5/15/2014 Public milestone to test Spring Security Conversion. Begin additional feature work.
RC1 6/27/2014 Surface Team Enhancements and verify bug fixes reported by community
RTM 7/31/2014 Release version

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