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Hudson-ci/community meetings/April072014

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 07-April-2014


  • Hudson 3.2.0 Planning
    • QA Status
    • Dev Status
    • Milestone Schedule

Any other topics that come from the community


Duncan, Winston, Geoff, Greg, Bob, Latha


Hudson 3.2.0

  • QA Status - Geoff and Latha - initial testing of Hudson complete after switch to Spring Security 3.0. Awaiting Hudson 3.2.0 Milestone 0. Also identifying key bugs to fix.
  • CQ Status - Duncan - Compared library list in Hudson 3.2 against IP Log and found a few more libraries for CQs.

Hudson 3.2.0 Release and milestone schedule

Milestone Date Comments
M0 04/11/2014 Internal milestone to test Spring Security Conversion. Test Plugins and Initial Setup.
M1 4/23/2014 Public milestone to test Spring Security Conversion. Begin additional feature work.
M2 5/23/2014 Public milestone for feedback on additional features. Bug Fixes. Prepare for final Milestone
M3 6/26/2014 Release version

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