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How To Test Autobuild On Local Machine


  1. Checkout org.eclipse.higgins.auto project at /trunk/builds/ from https://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/technology/org.eclipse.higgins SVN repository
  2. Generate build.xml and dependencies.xml of the project and its dependent projects using Higgins2Ant plug-in
  3. Run generated build.xml with all targets you want to use in nightly builds
  4. Right click on org.eclipse.higgins.auto/runtime/autoBuild.xml -> Run As ... -> Ant Build ... -> Classpath
  5. Click on "User Entries" and then click "Add JARs ..."
  6. Add bsf.jar, commons-logging-1.0.4.jar, js.jar, xercesImpl.jar, xml-apis.jar, html-tools.jar from org.eclipse.higgins.auto/lib and auto-classes.jar from org.eclipse.higgins.auto/build/lib
  7. Click Properties tab, un-select "Use global properties as specified in the Ant runtime preferences", click "Add Property ...". Set Name = ECLIPSE_HOME and Value = <path to your eclipse installation folder> (e.g. C:\eclipse)
  8. Click Run button


  • Make sure you are using JDK 1.4 because build machine is using JDK 1.4
  • There are several useful properties which you can use to customize default behaviour of the autobuilder:
    1. projectId - this property is useful if you want to run build for single project. By default autobuilder run build for each project defined in org.eclipse.higgins.auto/runtime/projects.xml. To run autobuilder for single project specify projectId property with value of your project id (e.g. org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.api).
    2. buildDirectory - this property is useful if you want to test your projects prior to commit them to SVN. By default autobuilder ckeckout projects and their dependencies from SVN repositories to org.eclipse.higgins.auto/wDir/bDir directory. To test projects prior to commit them specify buildDirectory with value pointing to workspace with your projects.


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