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How Autobuild Gets Dependencies


  1. Nightly build runs buildLoop target of autoBuild.xml script from org.eclipse.higgins.auto/runtime/
  2. buildLoop iterates through each project in org.eclipse.higgins.auto/runtime/projects.xml
    1. Checks whether the project already present at the location specified by buildDirectory property
    2. If project doesn't exist yet, try to check it out using CVS/SVN location of the project defined in org.eclipse.higgins.auto/runtime/resourceLocation.xml
    3. Parses dependencies.xml of checked out project
    4. Iterates through each <remoteLibs> element
      • Iterates through each <library> element.
      • Checks whether library with file name specified by id attribute of <library> element already present at the location specified by the location attribute of the <remoteLibs> element
      • If library doesn't exist yet try to download and unpack it if necessary using library location specified in the org.eclipse.higgins.auto/runtime/resourceLocation.xml
    5. Iterates through each project <higginsProjects> element and checks out all of them by repeating the above 4 steps
  3. run other targets to complete the build


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