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Flux/Meeting minutes/20141030


Kris, Alex, Nieraj, Jay, Andy


Alex: - Updated to latest orion. Observed some changes around tooltips, talking to Orion about reworking that. Thinks we still have minor 'patch' around closing progress messages, not that important. - Andy mentioned you can express dependencies on github versions, you don't have to wait for it to be in a public repository. Can we therefore change from having a copy of orion to a simple dependency declaration? Alex going to investigate, talk to Kris who may recall us doing this for Scripted.

Nieraj: - no updates

Andy: - no updates. - Mentioned Martin's flux talk at eclipse con went well. No news since then.

Jay: - still working on quick fixes. Will get something into a flux fork for us to play with soon. Continue to focus more on the JDT side than the JS side right now. (Hope I'm reporting this right:) Currently working on a key binding (f6?) to display proposals in a hover, and another key binding (ctrl+f6?) that selects the first one and applies it (modifying the text)

Kris: - Continue to refactor flux client enabling direct RMQ connectivity (although still need Socket IO in some areas - e.g. client code doesn't have ability to connect RMQ CF services). Next stage is refactoring JDT/JDT Service Manager. Hard to verify correctness without suitable tests.

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