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Flux/Meeting minutes/20141023


Kris, Alex, Nieraj



- Support for JavaDoc tooltip.

- Adopted new changes in Orion.

- Close to switching to consuming the 'official' orion rather than our hacked clone.


- Refactoring Java Client to allow Direct to RabbitMQ connection as an alternative to socketio. Implementation is near completion, including regression tests.

Martin (offline):

- setup a basic webpage for Flux:

- incorporated new artwork (icon and logo)

- working on two new demo videos

John (offline):

- The complex content assist patch has been released in Orion master (support for multiple insertion points). This will not go in Orion 7.0 but is in master branch which is now building towards Orion 8.0. Here is the commit:

- Orion hover help (F2) is now in place, and I believe Jay has been looking into connecting that up to a service on the JDT side.

- Be on the lookout for impact from the XSRF protection support that went into Orion last week. This has been disruptive and we are going to disable it by default for Orion 7.0 release.

- Orion 7.0 is going through release review and will be announced next week

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