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Flux/Meeting minutes/20141002


Andy, Nieraj, Alex, Kris


Kris - Polishing CF deployer. Thought it was stable but appeared it failed in Martins demo. Was working before and after Martins talk (Kris was confirming it was ok). Nieraj thinks they were doing major CF work on Monday. Andy asking if we have diagnostics to find out what went wrong after the fact, Kris says not enough (logs are not persistent, for one thing). Could make a flux debug app that connects to bus and logs everything that goes on, but this wouldn’t help if can’t connect to the bus.

Nieraj - no updates.

Alex - Spring Initializr - fixed expiration problem. Also handles creating a project with same name as existing one (see error now). Mentions orion has a new hover service (Alex was going in to create something but found this). Orion confirmed live editing plugin (from Alex) is now in Orion. May look to adopt new orion when he gets some time and address demo feedback.

Andy - No updates. Martin was demoing at JavaOne this week but demo didn’t hang together too well on CF.

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