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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140904


  • Ken
  • Alex
  • Martin
  • Nieraj
  • Kris


  • working on some basic deployment app for Cloud Foundry that is connected to Flux (as a simple web app)
  • improving the JDT service provider, and running it on Cloud Foundry
  • working on project creation feature on Flux using the Spring Initializr app
  • added loggregator support to the Cloud Foundry deploy app client, it is pushing the results back to the Flux messaging bus (not yet consumed by any other component)
  • optimization of Java/Maven build pack for Cloud Foundry (adding caching)
  • related Orion updates: content-assist work started
  • spread the word about Flux inside IBM among other product teams


  • we need to record a new demo video to show the latest progress
  • we will cancel the call next week (Sep 11)

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