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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140828


  • Andy
  • Alex
  • Martin
  • John
  • Nieraj
  • Kris


  • working on JDT service provider (was called JDT service manager before), to get it up and running on CF, including changes to the messaging protocol
  • merged pull request from Jay providing JavaDoc tooltip, discussing the issue about how to add generic hover support for Orion UI plugins (see Orion bug 373456)
  • working on a simple web app that connects a project in flux to a Cloud Foundry deployment, still at the beginning
  • worked on a Cloud Foundry build pack to deploy a simple Maven app (which runs a Maven builds and deploys the result of the build)
  • Orion work is going to support Flux stuff: open declaration (bug 418861), refactoring within a single file (bug 411721), live edit (bug 437849).


  • work focuses on deploying apps on CF
  • work focuses on getting started with Spring Boot apps (Spring Initializr)
  • figure out whether to use GitHub issues or Eclipse Bugzilla and populate that

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