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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140821


  • Martin
  • Alex
  • Jay
  • Kris


  • worked on protocol for service negotiation, to get status message on the Orion UI to show if there is a JDT service running for the user
  • started to work on the deploy story for Spring initialzr (or Boot) apps -> created a build pack to deploy a spring boot app, runs maven to build the project, and tell CF to run the build result
  • problem with file caching and authentication
  • worked on JDT service manager (deploys to CF now)
  • one interesting issue there is the question how to shutdown a specific JDT headless service, since this is handled via scaling the JDT headless service app via instances, but you have no control about which instance to shutdown if you would like to reduce the number of instances (the scale-down case)
  • JDT core and UI team met to discuss topics for Flux work, the first steps will be to extract code from JDT UI into a new separate, headless-usable bundle


  • build a web application that connects to Flux, shows the list of projects, and allows you to deploy a web app to Cloud Foundry (using the build pack mentioned above)
  • JDT team will take care of service-fying JDT code more and more
  • adopting protocol changes for service negotiation for the JDT service manager and put that piece on CF as well

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