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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140724

Attendees: Jay, Nieraj, Alex, Simon, Kris, Martin


  • looking into re-using the JDT UI pieces in the headless JDT service


  • working on headless Eclipse build based on tycho (for the headless JDT service)
    • integrated the Flux plugins into that
    • switched to Luna target


  • worked on the JDT service manager
  • started to work on advanced content assist
    • that includes multiple textual changes


  • working on authentication
    • added fallback solution for people who wanna run without authentication (falls back to the old style)
    • integrating this into the Orion plugin
    • restructured the Orion plugin code a bit

Simon (reporting about some Orion work):

  • session storage
  • search


  • looking into improving the sync mechanism
    • operational transforms
    • differential synchronization

Talked a bit about running everything on Cloud Foundry. The idea is to:

  • run the core Flux messaging app on Cloud Foundry
  • run the JDT service manager on Cloud Foundry
    • this service manger is pushing/starting/stopping headless JDT service apps on Cloud Foundry on demand
  • have the Orion plugin code being served from some place there as well (so that people could use Orionhub and install the Flux plugin from there)

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