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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140710

Meeting Minutes


  • Working on "open declaration" in context of Orion integration
    • Orion limitation: cannot trigger another editor to open
    • Because of this, only working so far for declarations in same file
  • Working on Java content assist in Orion
    • Some JDT content assist proposals will insert at multiple positions in file. For example, adding import statement
    • Orion currently only supports single insertion at cursor position
    • Should be easy to extend Orion API to support multiple insertions
    • Some cases involve editing other files which is a bit more difficult - e.g., updating build path
  • Investigating deploying the JDT service on cloud foundry
    • Single instance per user
    • Looking at managing lifecycle, gc of service instances when not in use to avoid wasting resources


  • Orion team reviewing live update patch to Orion


  • Running JDT on cloud foundry, using headless Eclipse
  • Equinox launcher plugin used as the main class
  • Investigating Tycho build to build headless Eclipse
  • Looking at Web socket library used in Flux prototype and see how that integrates in Cloud Foundry


  • Investigating authentication of messages


  • Nothing noteworthy to report
  • Will request Flux Hudson instance when we are ready for it

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