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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140703

  • Martin: prototype architecture documented on the wiki and sent the recording of the call with the Codenvy team to the mailing list, discussed with Alex and Nieraj further steps towards doing more advanced Orion editor integration and headless JDT services running on Cloud Foundry
  • Nedelcho: introduced himself, working for SAP in Dirigible, which is quite similar to Flare and also related to Flux, interested in Orion integration, will send an intro email to flux-dev and provide some pointers to Dirigible, where to take a look at, how to start, etc.
  • Alex: worked on open declaration support and need some help from Orion developers to navigate to a different resource, also started to look into more complex content-assist support that requires the content-assist to execute code to manipulate the source code
  • Nieraj: started to work on deploying a headless Eclipse with JDT to Cloud Foundry, first steps towards starting up a runtime on CF

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