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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140626

  • Martin: reviewed article on Flux for JAX magazine, did a podcast interview about Flux for SE-Radio, CQ process at Eclipse now finally completely done and approved, and had a call with the Codenvy team about joining forces on implementing the sync mechanism
  • John: talk about Flux at EclipseCon France (went well, they like the idea), interesting to them is: the toolchain is controlled by the cloud, but lot of legacy on Eclipse - lots of interest, JDT Core lead guy is starting to look at using a headless JDT on the server-side and think about possible and/or necessary changes
  • Andy: no updates
  • Alex: wrapped up Orion integration work (live editing, content-assist, error markers), demo video is up on Youtube, patch created for Orion
  • Nieraj: no updates

In addition to that there was a discussion about the proper way of doing the Orion/Flux integration and whether to work on the client-side file system API for doing the integration vs. a server-side component that synchronizes the server-side Orion workspace with Flux. Since Orion allows server-side tools to work on the Orion workspace, a server-side integration with Flux sounds like the right thing to do (maybe in addition to the client-side file system plugin). We explored a few options for implementing that and need to follow up on that with some initial work on implementing something like this.

An additional discussion covered the topic how to detect file changes "from the outside", in case files are changed from native applications that are not going through any API of Orion or Flux. There doesn't seem to be a perfect solution at hand at the moment.

We also quickly did a debrief of the call with the Codenvy team. Martin will follow up on that with a quick description of the syncing mechanism in Flux, an email to the flux-dev mailing list, and a pointer to the youtube recording of that call.

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