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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140605

  • Martin: initial code contribution done, code is now at, will look at the orion file system plugin pieces from Alex and the user authentication from Kris, and try to get a version up an running on a Cloud Foundry machine, also plan to setup a build process for the Eclipse plugins to get them on an update site
  • Andy: nothing to add at the moment
  • Alex: tried basic orion extensions incl. editor extensions in preparation for edit syncing, file system plugin for Orion, flux files are showing up, file system plugin suffers from restful api style, no notifications when a message comes in
  • Nieraj: worked with the orion node server and flux messaging, handed over work to Alex to work on file system plugin for orion client
  • Kris: exploring authentication bits and pieces for the flux node server, including a small landing page, not yet completed

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