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EclipseTestingDay2010 Talk FindingTheScope

Finding the Scope

Finding the right scope for a test often seems unclear to developers. This is not made easier by many projects that don't differentiate between test scopes like unit tests, integration tests or functional tests. Matthias Kempka will give some patterns to help finding a reasonable test scope for a test in a RCP application. He will point to various tools that can be used for test development and automation. Small demonstrations for each will give the audience an impression of the tools power. Setup difficulties will be covered as well as consequences that arise from selecting a tool.

About the speaker

Matthias Kempka

Matthias Kempka is a TDD developer. He first became involved with Eclipse when he created the code coverage tool Coverlipse. Since then he stayed in the Eclipse world and refined his requirement definitions, investigated tools and invested in skills to meet them. He actively participates in Yoxos development, does consulting and gives training courses for RCP and OSGi.


Finding the Scope (PDF)

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