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Document Review and Approval Process

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The following process has not been adopted yet. It is only a proposal process which will be voted on at a later time.

1) An author of a document determines that the document is ready for a review / approval cycle.

2) The document is made available to the document reviewers for review.

3) The review comments must be documented in a review log.

4) Once all reviewers have had a minimum of 1 week to review the document or all reviewers have provided comments, the review will be closed.

5) Each review comment must be displaced and documented in the review log.

6) Once all comments have been displaced, the review and displacement log should be made available to the reviewers and approvers.

7) After the review and displacment activities are complete, the document can be approved using the Voting Process

8) After the document is approved, the document will be issued and given an issue date.

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