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DSDP/TML/Device Framework Docs 0.2


TmL Device Framework


Summary Owner Description/Comments Link
Refine core functionalities of Device OF Bugzilla [#221733]
Support New device instance wizard OF Bugzilla [#221736]
Improvements to State machine OF Bugzilla [#221739]
Sample implementation for Linux host OF Bugzilla [#221740]
Sample implementation for ST demo board OF Bugzilla [#221737]
Integration between TM and TML FF Document wiki
Review and publish the whitepaper with the current architecture FF Document wiki
New Architecture FF Document wiki


Summary Owner Description/Comments Link
Initial architecture of Emulator Framework FF Version 0.1 of org.eclipse.tml.emulator (deprecated) whitepaper
Current architecture of Device Framework and VNC Viewer FF Version 0.1 of org.eclipse.tml.device TmL Architecture - EclipseCon2008 version (PDF)

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