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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 25-September-2008


Conference Call Details

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: 4PM PDT Time [Click here for you local time]
US Toll free: +1-877-825-8522
Int'l or US Toll: +1-702 495-1500
Brazil: 0800-891-6634
China North: 10800 7130937 / South: 10800 1300921
Passcode: 9190565826#

Proposed Agenda

Conference Agenda:

  • Welcome Sybase contributors as MTJ committers
  • Review of Release Review MTJ 0.9
  • Post 0.9 release plan: DSDP/MTJ/Post 0.9
    • When should we join the train? we have up to the end of December/08
    • After MTJ join the train:
      • Will MTJ only run with Galileo?
      • Or should we keep the code base compliant with Ganymede? (don't use Galileo specific features)
      • Or should we have another version that is Europa/Ganymede compliant? (possible if we open a separated branch)
    • When MTJ is ready to graduate?
    • If we are not ready, are we ok to add /remove APIs on a 0.9.x release? (should we?)
    • When should we do a 0.9.X release? what is the scope of it?


  • Post 0.9 release plan:
    • MTJ must join Galileo train by M4 (M4 GA = 01/12/2009)
      • After joining the train, Galileo specific features will be used (notable new JDT preprocessor) and therefore MTJ will only work with Galileo.
      • MTJ 1.0 will be released with Galileo (Galileo GA = 06/26/2009)
      • Keep support to ganymede is important. We have to verify how it will happen (only maintenance releases, break features into different fragments, etc). Martin Oberhuber (DSDP/TM project leader) suggestion is to avoid branching.
    • To avoid having MTJ users to wait so long for new features, a version 0.9.1 will be released by December.
      • This version should contain:
        • Bug fixes (high priority);
        • Possible new features:
          • Internationalization support;
          • External Libraries support;
          • Preprocessing enhancements (TBD);
        • ...
      • We have to make sure the community is aware that this 0.9.1 version will contain new features
  • Christian Kurzke will send a friendly mail to Kevin / Arto to verify if they still want to participate in MTJ.

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