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DSDP/MTJ/Post 0.9


Current MTJ

  • Release 0.9 on October 14 2008
  • All EclipseME feature + enhancements & bug fixes
  • Build against Europa (tested on Europa and Ganymede)

List of possible future high level MTJ Features

   1 - Join Galileo train (we have to join the train up to Galileo M4 - December/January)
       - use Galileo specific features, such as JDT preprocessing (?)
   2 - Enhance the preprocessor support
   3 - Re-factor MTJ code to define a MTJ API (new APIs)
       - focus on build process
       - enable support to non-midp2 sdks (rim, midp3, cdc, etc.)
   4 - External library support (new APIs): Select external libraries that will be included with one specific project
   5 - Gui builder: SVG, LCDUI gui builder. MIDP flow execution
   6 - Fix and improve 0.9 code
   7 - Multi-device project configuration (proposed by Sybase)

Project Plan for MTJ post 0.9 and 1.0

The latest version of the Project plan can be found here: MTJ Galileo Project Plan

This plan is the result of the "post 0.9 planning meetings". The proposed alternatives are listed below. Please note, the current plan is closest to presented "option 1" in the below list.

Planning options (for Discussion)

  • Option 1: 0.9.1 release until the end of 2008 with new features
   - Keep single development branch
   - MTJ 0.9.1 release until the end of the year
       - keep support to Europa / Ganymede
       - bug fix
       - some new features
           - need to close this scope
       - some new new APIs (not sure if this is a good idea)
   - Join eclipse Galileo train on M4
       - MTJ users will be able to use new features before eclipse Galileo release
       - Objectives 2 and 6 are ok. objective 1 is ok, but with possible code rework
       - Other objectives might be ok, if we agree to add / change APIs
       - 0.9.1 release will have new features and run on Europa / Galileo
       - We will probably open a branch to do 0.9.2, 0.9.3 release only with bug fixes. new features only with Galileo release.
       - Might rework some code that will be on galileo (such as preprocessing)
  • Option 2: 1.0 release until the end of 2008 with new features
   - Keep single branch
   - MTJ 1.0 release until the end of the year (or January) (are we ready to graduate?)
       - keep support to Europa / Ganymede
       - bug fix
       - some new features
           - need to close this scope
       - new APIs
   - Join eclipse Galileo train on M4
       - MTJ 1.1 release with the train (need to define scope)
       - similar to option 1, but we would be ok to add / remove apis
       - not sure if we are ready to graduate
  • Option 3: 0.9.X releases after 0.9 only with bug fix
   - Open a separate branch to do bug fix
   - Keep doing 0.9.x release on this branch only with bug fixes
   - Join eclipse Galileo train on November and focus on 1.0 release on jun 2009
       - focus on improving the code and use Galileo specific features
       - MTJ users will need to wait until jun 2009 for new features
       - 1.0 will be specific to Galileo (no Europa/Ganymede support)

Main questions to answer

   - When should we join the train? we have up to the end of December/08
   - After MTJ join the train:
       - Will MTJ only run with Galileo?
       - Or should we keep the code base compliant with Ganymede? (don't use Galileo specific features)
       - Or should we have another version that is Europa/Ganymede compliant? (possible if we open a separated branch)
   - When MTJ is ready to graduate?
   - If we are not ready, are we ok to add /remove APIs on a 0.9.x release? (should we?)
   - When should we do a 0.9.X release? what is the scope of it?

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