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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 27-Feb-08


  • Mark Weitzel
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Tania Makins
  • David Whiteman
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Sheldon Lee Loy
  • Martin Simmonds
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Paul Stratton
  • Hubert Leung
  • Srinivas
  • Dominica Gjelaj
  • Jack Devine
  • Kishore
  • John Todd


i9 Integration Build status

  • Candidate driver number 4 is the latest build and has all the latest defects.
  • The team is beginning to start the junits and will post the results. 2pm is the deadline. We will turn this over to QA then.
  • Is the End-to-End documentation up-to-date? i9 Demo page. (http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_DEMO_i9)
    • (http://wiki.eclipse.org/COSMOS_QA_i9_Activities) This needs to be updated with the discussion on the Manual Test cases.
    • No. This page is also out of sync with the manual test cases. We will extract out the minimal set for the "sanity" test. The importance is to show the screen shots to illustrate what the user can expect to see. This will help transition to the manual tests. Bill and Sheldon will update the page by end of day Wed 27.
    • We want to point people to the User Guide, but we are not done with that yet.
  • Srinivas will let us know ASAP if the manual tests will take us past March 7. It's important to note that the team in India is already behind because of the delay in delivering the build
  • Bill has run through the UI pieces and things are looking pretty good.
  • repository:/cvsroot/technology org.eclipse.cosmos/tests/common/org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.tests//manual

JRE Testing for i9

i9 Data Visualization Topics

  • Target for next ACDVDC Meeting:
    • Bill & Martin, please close the bugs identified by Sheldon.
    • Martin, Bill: Verify and Close the bugs before we exit the iteration.
  • We should emulate this for the other ares. Target is next meeting.
    • Joel/Hubert, define the DC work similar to how Sheldon broke down the DV work COSMOS DV ComponentOwner.
    • Mark/Jason/David: ME
    • Ali/David/Steve J.: RM
  • Sheldon has worked with the team to do the documentation assignments and will update the User Guide with the section owners.

i9 Bugs & ERs

  • For DC, Joel will identify which ERs and Bugs need to be verified and closed
  • Mark to do this for ME

i10 Use Cases

  • We started evaluating where we are in the use cases.
  • We will need to spend time going through and establishing the use cases we are targeting for i10 before the iteration starts. We setup a meeting for Friday morning.
    • Prior to Friday's meeting, would like everyone will take a quick pass at cleaning these up.

Additional Action Items

  • Security use cases & Higgins
    • Need to make progress on this front
    • Get status report for next meeting. (Mark)
  • Internationalization
    • What are the requirements that could be derived from potential products that would ship COSMOS code?
    • We have no use cases defined for this topic. (Paul will take first pass at this)
    • How much of this do we need to address in i10.
    • We will need to be very specific.