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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 18-Apr-07


  • Dave Whiteman
  • Valentina Popescu
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Don Ebright


The first few minutes of the meeting we made sure everyone was aware of the new requirements for incubating projects. Don and Valentina are aware and are working to come into compliance.

There was a discussion b/t Sheldon and Valentina on 180068. This is a request for an API to navigate the SML repository. The question was raised if this has a relationship to the resource API that is currently in TPTP. Sheldon and Valentina did not think these two things were related.

Don gave an update on the framework enhancements for the Data Collection component. Hubert is working on incorporating the RAC. There is concern that b/t Hubert and Joel, we have about one full time person working on this.

We need to start the IPZilla process for the Dojo widget library. What are the contingency plans if this does not get approved in time for the release. Sheldon & Mark will discuss and document options.

We also discussed the "starting point" for the user. This led to a discussion of our "out of the box" experience, e.g. how will a user install, and start using COSMOS. How will they extend the system, integrate their own components, etc.. It was decided that this is a good topic for the F2F in May and has been added to the agenda.

There is some confusion about where we are doing documentation. Do we use the wiki, the web site, or smoke signals. We outlined an overall process that we think will provide some clarity. It is on the wiki at here.

We spent several minutes discussing the F2F in May. Don provided an overall structure of the agenda.

  • There is an open call to the community to update the agenda page even if you cannot attend in person.

Valentina requested a "future" target for items that are not 1.0 but also not "unspecfied". See bug 182943 for details.

Action Items

  • Need a "future" target in bugzilla b/c not everything is "1.0" or "unspecified". 182943 - Mark W.
  • Need to open an IPZilla request for Dojo. - Mark W.
    • Document options if Dojo not approved in time for release - Sheldon
  • Don to scope what may be left out b/c of resource constraints
  • Need to document the use of the web site v. wiki for documentation - Mark & Don (COSMOS Documentation Location Guidelines)

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