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The focus will be on refining the design of the data collection framework and prioritizing its delivery.

Here are a few agenda items to get us started - please add your own


May 8 - 10, 2007

Computer Associates has been kind enough to host this meeting

Training Room,

8th floor, 125 Commerce Valley Dr. West,

Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, L3T 7W4

  • Need to have regular updates at the end of each day


  • Requirements for Persistence Framework
  • Requirements for additional framework features
    • Out of box experience
      • Initial user experience
      • Install/packaging
  • Requirements for additional components
  • Add detail to all requirements to facilitate planning and design
  • Resource Modeling
    • Review design for repository API
  • Data Visualization
    • Discussion around the deployment and programming models for the user interface.


  • High level design of functional enhancements
  • High level design of exemplary components
  • Alignment of query interface with TPTP and Data Reporting
  • Review of the SML definitions for Data Collection and Managed Component resources ( RM project, requested by Valentina )


  • Prioritization of component and feature delivery
  • Tentative assignment of resources to deliverables
  • Discuss features for post 1.0 releases


  • Planning for the next release. Define schedule and project direction for COSMOS 1.1 ( or 2.0 ? )
  • Release engineering/build - clarify who is responsible for leading this component. I understand Hubert is just helping with setting up the build until a replacement is made available. Do we have any plans moving forward?
  • Define an iteration testing process. During the test pass cycle executed at the end of every iteration all projects are expected to run testcases and report results. We should clearly describe the process and the iteration test pass exiting criteria. At what point can a project declare that the testpass has been completed? (Is it when all testcases are run and execution is logged in CVS? Or when all testcases are marked as pass? )


A first pass of the detailed minutes has been posted. File:COSMOS F2F-May 8-10

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