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Aperi Development Status Meeting 09/22/08

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Dial in numbers:

Toll Free: 877-421-0029 International: 770-615-1246 Passcode: 969397


IBM (Al Heitman, Dave Wolfe, Martine Wedlake, Chris King)


  • Project Leader Notes:
    • Announcements
      • none
    • Installer Issue
      • Issues surfaced in June that Eclipse installers are not allowed to download non-approved 3rd party libraries.
      • Al submitted IPzilla Contribution Questionnaire for Apache Geronimo. Eclipse needs the source code for the jar file we want to include. Al is working on parsing down the source zip. It may take a while as there are about 2500 files in the jar Aperi is using.
      • DoJo not approved. Martine and Dave have a proposal to take out that functionality that reqs DoJo. They plan to review the plan. Al will add 5 day item to schedule to remove DoJo dependency in m5 plan.
    • Misc. Project Info
    • 2008 planning (R0.5)
      • Al will publish the latest schedule with the replan.
      • Still need milestones for Virtual Fabric / FC Security spec. from Brocade. Al sent a request to John for milestone details.
      • Still need milestones for Linux HA Cluster support from Novell. Al sent a request to Robert for any milestone details.
      • Al working on schedule update to show planned iterations. Al just published an update with the plans for the SSO/SRM framework update. However, with the staffing impacts, the latest schedule is going to change. Dave is working on the details of LIC iteration plan.
      • Martine has action item to take the SMIS serialization scheme to convert SMIS CIM LIC spec. and map that back to the LIC schema. He is working with Dave to determine which route Aperi should take in m5.
    • Future Planning
      • Need to determine 2009 roadmap
      • For the Aperi roadmap, Martine and Russ are working on putting together ideas for Aperi 2009.
    • Aperi Committers:
      • The following committers still need the legal “paperwork” completed before full committer access is granted.
        • John Crandall
        • Jenny Monesson
  • Release Engineer Notes (Al):
    • Build status/process
      • Ramani indicated that the CVS SAN Simulator build doesn’t match their local build. He found some of the files that were in his local build environment were not checked into CVS. He has fixed all these instances and Al completed the SAN Simulator M2 build with the latest fixes and published it to Aperi downloads page. Need to discuss the file naming issues with SAN Simulator. Files are named R4 and R5 but the SAN Simulator is called 0.2 release. Al recommended that the file name should match the version. * Aperi Downloads:
    • September totals are 165 downloads so far this month with 123 for the SRM Application and 42 for the SAN Simulator.
    • Latest stats
  • Development items/issues:
    • SSO – no update.
    • LIC – Dave is working on a rollout plan for the LIC. Al will work with Dave to update the project plan to incorporate the additional rollout items and task details. Martine is working with SNIA to make non-CIM based clients compatible with CIM based ones. Dave started the effort with the CMS based approach. However, when Martine went to SNIA for CIM SMIS LIC update, one of the side conversations is to standardize the XML spec. for non CIM based clients. One suggestion is to serialize the CIM into XML, then no need for the CMS based model and the implementations are compatible. Martine and Dave will make a decision this week, to either go with serialized CIM SMIS based XML or the CMS based mode.
    • SAN Simulator - The final code is checked into CVS. Al completed the final build and Ramani completed the final regression testing. Al submitted a CQ 2689 for the SAN Simulator version 0.2 which has PMC approval but is awaiting Eclipse IP clearance. We are in the process of publishing it. Once the CQ is approved we will vote on publishing the milestone build.
    • Java Help – Chris/TBD - This activity is scheduled to start in the next few weeks. Al mentioned that the scheduling of this item may move around in the replan work. Chris can start on his items and the conversions prior to the development item.
    • Virtual Fabric / FC Security spec – need update from John.
    • Linux HA cluster support – need update from Robert.
  • IDVT:
  • ID:
    • Chris has completed the Aperi M5 ID plan. He put a version out on wiki and sent the request for a review out to Aperi-Dev. The review closed last Friday. Chris will displace the review comments and put the log out on the wiki. Chris plans to start the approval process this week.
  • Project Schedule:
  • Action Items:
Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Al 08/31/08 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors. Harm Sluiman is one. Discussed with Tom last week. Bjorn has a list of mentors we can use. Al to follow up with Bjorn. Wayne Beaton is also helping to find a mentor who is willing to work with us.
Document Control Al 08/31/08 Write up text for Aperi document control. Al wrote up a proposal process to review documents here -> Al initiated a review on Aperi-Dev. Comments are starting to come in. Once the review is complete and the comments are displaced, Al will initiate a vote to adopt the process.

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