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Agenda and minutes for Community meeting March 27, 2008

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  1. Marketing - Close on SNW booth status/items
  2. Roadmap Closure - Discuss approved roadmap and review items and timelines slides
  3. Workgroup Update - Summary of where we are for the workgroups: Launch in Context Standardisation, Production Ready Task Force and CMDB Integration. In each section we will discuss a quick status, describe the current activities, and provide insight into the next steps that we'll be taking (along with rough milestones)slides


Company Attendees
Brocade Absent
CA Absent
Cisco Absent
Emulex Absent
LSI Absent
Fujitsu Hiroshi Yoshida
IBM Russ Warren, Allen Marin, Martine Wedlake, Al Heitman
NetApp John Tyrell
Novell Absent
YottaYotta Javier Lozano


Marketing- discuss upcoming Storage Network World (Orlando) plans and status – Allen Marin

  • Refer to SNW Planning Dashboard
  • Allen still needs to order internet connectivity. He’s working on a FAQ and still needs to complete the booth assignments. Allen will order the promo items and has some left over tee shirts to hand out. Question came up about Aperi member get-together, may do something informal. There was a suggestion to meet at the Aperi SNW booth at 8:30 PM or so on Tuesday.

Roadmap Closure - Discuss approved roadmap and review items and timelines - Al Heitman

  • Refer to slides
  • Slide 3 shows that we completed the roadmap update process. Voting ended last Monday and the roadmap update was approved on 3/25. Al thanked all the committers who voted and the other community members that provided input, comments, and suggestions.
  • Slide 4 shows updated roadmap.
    • Novell is working on Linux HA Cluster support. Aperi will make this available in a point release off of SRM milestone 4 rather than waiting until milestone 5 which has shifted out to 1Q09.
    • Also in 2Q08, Brocade is contributing a Virtual Fabric / FC security spec.
    • To improve interoperability between the Aperi SRM application and vendor product management applications, Aperi is developing a Launch In Context (LIC) and Single Sign On (SSO) support. This will really help users during process workflows. This development is broken into a 3 phased approach. Phase 1, which is planned for 2Q08, is to develop and release the architecture document along with specifications for the launch descriptor files, the APIs, and inter-application data exchange. This will allow vendors who wish to enable their product management application for 3rd party Launch In Context and Single Sign On to start their design work. Phase 2, which is targeted for 3Q08, is to provide a prototype using SSO and LIC along with a unit test framework. This will allow vendors that are enabling their product management applications to use this prototype and unit test framework to develop and test their applications. Finally Phase 3, is to enable LIC/SSO in the Aperi SRM application and exploit at least one management application. This is targeted for the milestone 5 delivery. Other work items for milestone 5 are to remove the Java Help dependency by moving to an eclipse based help system. Also, we need to upgrade the publications and helps for all the new functions and run a full regression test and IDVT.
    • In the last Aperi development team meeting, some enhancements to the SAN Simulator were discussed. The next release will include support for ESS CIM control calls rather than just the querying type calls. Some other enhancements include support for the Derby database, support of more than a single database instance and support for new releases of IBM DS 6000 and 8000 Enterprise Storage Servers. We will be putting out milestone 2 release of the SAN Simulator. The goal would be to have this available in 2Q08 as well. Large contributions, such as this, need to be reviewed and approved by the committer community so Ramani and Al will be reviewing and voting on this contribute in the next several weeks.
  • Also in the next couple of weeks, Al will be developing the detailed schedule around all these deliveries. Al has been communication with most of the developers who are engaged with the roadmap workitems. He plans to continue this schedule work and have it ready for roll-out next month.
  • Russ would like to have a working prototype which demonstrates the LIC/SSO for the fall SNW. Fall SNW is usually in October.
  • Al mentioned that there was a spike in downloads after the SMI Scale Fest demo that Hans and Ramani put together.
  • Ramani has taken SAN Simulator snapshot of the Scale Fest setup and is massaging the data.
  • Al pointed anyone interested in the updated download charts to the backup section of the slides.

Open Software and Standards Projects - discuss workgroups and timelines, discuss COSMOS project/Aperi involvement - Martine Wedlake

  • Martine discussed several workgroups, their purpose and timelines. Refer to Aperi Open Standards Worgroups
    • Aperi Launch in Context Enablement Workgroup – formed to create standard mechanism to enable registration and discovery of device launch points - Aperi Launch In Context Enablement Workgroup
    • Production Ready Task Force Workgroup – formed to work with SNIA PRTF to improve CIM/SMI-S to meet the needs fo real-world solution Aperi SNIA Production Ready Task Force Workgroup
    • Aperi CMDB Integration – formed to work with CMDB federation and COSMOS to help define CMDB structure and interfaces leveraging our experiences with the Aperi repositoryAperi CMDB Integration Workgroup
    • Martine went through his slides. Some highlighted points below:
      • Slide 2 is overall status.
      • Martine highlighted that if you cannot participate in the call, you can make use of the work pages to contribute. You can update them with your input or ideas at anytime.
      • For the COSMOS/Aperi, we need phase 3 before it is interesting.
      • Russ would like to see a demo of Aperi with Cosmos. Cosmos attracts more enterprise management customers so it would be good to show how Aperi fits in.
      • Fujitsu indicated interest in COSMOS.

NOTE: For the next community meeting Russ will schedule it one hour later.

Action items:

  • Allen will work with SNW participants to fill in schedule for manning the SNW booth for Spring SNW.
  • Russ will set up next meeting and send out invitations. NOTE: the new meeting time will be 1 hour later.

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