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Agenda and minutes for Community meeting August 28, 2008

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  1. Marketing Topics
    • Fall SNW Planning
      • For Fall SNW, going to try the TechEdge route
      • Looking for volunteers to staff the booth and give a 10 minute talk
  2. Development - Review items and timelines for Aperi M0.5 slides
  3. Workgroup Update
    Summary of where we are for the workgroups: Launch in Context Standardisation and Production Ready Task Force. In each section we will discuss a quick status, describe the current activities, and provide insight into the next steps that we'll be taking (along with rough milestones)

Key Documents Under Discussion

Aperi Workgroup Status

SNW Planning Dashboard

SNW Sponsorship Agreement

Benefit Charts for Recruiting Vendors

Proposed Document Review and Approval Process


Company Attendees
Brocade Steve Wilson
CA Absent
Cisco Absent
Emulex Absent
LSI Absent
Fujitsu Hiroshi Yoshida
IBM Russ Warren, Michelle Lowe, Martine Wedlake, Al Heitman
NetApp Denise Ridolfo
Novell Absent
YottaYotta Absent


Welcome – Russ Warren

  • Russ took roll call and then started the meeting by welcoming all attendees. Russ then went over the agenda for today’s call and then handed it off to Michelle for the Marketing portion.

Marketing - Fall SNW Planning – Michelle Lowe

  • Russ reported that he sent out a request to the Aperi community for volunteers to staff the Aperi booth. Steve indicated that Fall SNW is Oct 13-16. Michelle reported that we are getting a “tech edge” booth. She noted that we only get 2 passes with tech edge rather than the normal 5. Russ didn’t need one since he already has a pass. Michelle is trying to get travel approved so if she goes, she will need one of the two passes. Mario had mentioned that he may need the other. Russ will do the speaking session if no one else wants it. It’s a 10 minute speaking slot. Michelle was going to use the Tivoli BEAT article as a basis for the talk (see link below). Michelle indicated that she still needs someone for the 2nd part of Tuesday Evening to help staff the booth. Russ asked how big the booth is and indicated that we need room for 2 laptops if possible. Michelle wasn’t sure the size of the booth. Russ reported that he has a bunch of Aperi t-shirts and tri-folds to hand out. We have a demo of the simulator which we could post and show at the booth. Denise asked about the booth number but Michelle didn’t have a number. Apparently, tech edge booths do not get assigned numbers. Michelle is still trying to determine the speaking time slot.
  • Michelle mentioned the Tivoli Beat article on Aperi:

Development - Review items and timelines for Aperi M0.5 - Al Heitman

  • Refer to Slides
  • Al started with some staffing news. He reported that Todd Singleton, our builder extraordinaire and SSO expert has taken a job with another company and will no longer be working on the Aperi project. Todd had been working on the SSO prototype with the Eclipse Higgins based Security as well as the build and posting the artifacts. For those of you that worked with and knew Todd, you know he was a great asset to the Aperi development community. He will be dearly missed. We are currently looking to bring someone on board as soon as possible to take over Todd’s responsibilities. Al has taken over the buld responsibilities since he has done that sort of work in a previous life.
  • Slide 2. This is the roadmap and timeline we are working towards. We have the next release of SAN Simulator coming out in 3Q08. After that we have the 3 phases of the milestone 5 release. In 4Q08, our goal is to have the architecture and specifications completed for the SSO/LIC. Then in 1Q09 the goal is to have a LIC / SSO prototype running and finally, in 2Q09, to complete a milestone version of the SRM framework which will include the SSO/LIC as well as Eclipse based help and the other items that were identified in the approved roadmap.
  • Chart 3 shows our progress and upcoming activities. Al reminded everyone that the Development meetings are every Monday at Noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific. Al reported the SAN Simulator milestone 2 is still in IDVT testing. Al indicated the SSO prototype and sample STS client are complete and now checked into CVS and a “how to” document is available on the wiki. The next step is to focus on updating the existing SRM framework launch points with SSO. This will enable the Aperi partners who want to upgrade their management applications to enable these for SSO. Chris has completed an updated ID plan and sent that out for review. The review has now closed and he will be sending that out for approval shortly. For the next steps, IBM Research will be completing the SAN Simulator IDVT and code review. Martine is working on an SMIS SCR for LIC extensions. Al is working on a new schedule to account for Todd’s departure and replacement hiring and learning curve and is working with the team to define the LIC staged delivery play.
  • Slide 4 is some miscellaneous info. The 2009 roadmap plan is due Sept. 30. We have a good understanding of the 1H09 items but we need to start thinking about what’s next. And finally, August has seen above average downloads with 344 total which puts us past the 4000th download total.
  • For those of you that are interested.
    • Al mentioned the phase details are in the back-up section of charts.
    • Slide 11 is the proposed document control process. Al will be closing the review for this item shortly. Al thanked everyone that has provided feedback. Al indicated that if you have any comments to let him know by the end of this week.
    • Slide 12 shows the Aperi downloads by country. The information is based on the end of July 2008. Al will update August total after the end of the month.
    • Slide 13 shows the July totals and running total

Workgroup Update - Aperi Workgroup Status - Martine Wedlake

  • Martine made a request for additional participation in the workgroups. Martine mentioned that there are several ways to contribute. Either, one can come to the meetings, post material in the wiki, or, finally, send an email to Martine or Aperi-Dev.
  • LIC – Martine is pushing the SNIA LIC scoping document forward. He noted that the minutes of the SNIA meetings are now IP of SNIA and cannot be posted on Aperi wiki. He reported that the scoping document may be ready for ballot soon. Martine asked if any Aperi members want to participate, they must be a SNIA member due to SNIA’s IP policy. The target is to have the LIC included as part of the SMIS 1.5 spec. The group is investigating serialization of the CIM SNIA LIC model for use in a peer to peer launching where the applications do not support the CIM SMIS standard. They are working on the mapping the requirements to this model. The goal is to have this complete by the end of August.
  • SMIS production ready task force: August has been a slow month due to summer vacations of participants. Martine is waiting on SNIA PRTF for a reponse on the priorities for Aperi.

Other Topics:

  • none this month

Action items:

  • Russ and Michelle will follow up on the Fall SNW planning.
  • Russ will set up next meeting for the end of Sept. and send out invitations.

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