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Zoom guidelines

Where do I login?

How do I create a ‘personal link’?

A personal link is a human readable link for your meetings. We recommend you use your name as the ‘identifying’ part of the link

  1. Login to Zoom account and select My Profile
  2. Under ‘personal link’ click edit.

Can I change which telephone numbers are available?

By default the Foundation provides dial in numbers for the US,Canada,France,Germany,UK,Switzerland,Sweden,Denmark and the Netherlands.

If you need coverage for a country not listed above please contact

Do my participants need to install anything?

Zoom installs client software to provide its integrated audio and video. Users have the choice to not install this software. In this case, they can use their browser for the video portion, and use Zoom's dial-in feature for audio.

By default, we’ve turned the ‘show a join from your browser link’ which should cover those who cannot install the Zoom client. If for some reason this isn’t showing up in your meeting invitations, the setting is set in the “In Meetings” portion of your profile.

Can I manage my Eclipse Zoom account from my Personal/Corporate account?

No, you will need to use a private browser window to manage activity for your Eclipse Zoom account.

How are accounts assigned?

We have decided to provide one account per top level project(TLP) project management committee(PMC). It will be the responsibility of the PMC to help co-ordinate the calls for any subprojects that wish to use Zoom.

This means the user name and password is unique to each PMC. These credentials are private to the PMC, and should only be shared with those that actually need them.

Any requests for password changes or resets should be directed to

How do I schedule a meeting?

To schedule a meeting, you can either: a) login to with the user credentials and schedule the meeting directly from the Zoom application; or b) download a zoom plugin to your favourite calendaring software.

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