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TMF Xtext 0.7.0

Xtext is a framework used to develop textual, EMF-based domain-specific languages (DSL). TMF Xtext is a complete rewrite of the currently released version known from openArchitectureWare (oAW Xtext). TMT Xtext is not 100% compatible with oAW Xtext. However, many concepts are very similar and we'll provide a guide to help you with migration. At its heart, Xtext itself provides a DSL (the grammar language) used to describe the concrete and abstract syntax of a DSL.

The main focus of the rewrite is to improve overall performance and scalability. It is also a major goal to have stable and simple Java API, and provide different convenient APIs and DSLs on top.

Based on a grammar, Xtext offers language-specific functionality such a parsers, printers, editors and other tooling stuff. Xtext comes with simple but reasonable default implementations of common language aspects (such as scoping and linking), but also provides the necessary hooks to change the behavior of all kinds of things if needed.

Feature Map (updated 2009/03/30)

  Planned Done oAW Xtext
Grammar Actions x x -
Enum Rules x x x
Data type rules x x o
(String only)
Grammar Inheritance x
(single inheritance)
(single inheritance)
Terminal rules x x o
(black box)
Fragments - - -
Parsing Construction of parse tree x x x
Construction of model x x x
Serializing Basic serialization x x -
API for pretty-printing x x -
EMF integration Generates ecore x x x
Integration of EMF generator x x -
Generates multiple ecore x x -
Imports/reuses existing ecore x x o
Generate and import in same Grammar x x -
EMF Resource implementation x x o
EMF Validation support x x x
Xpand/Xtend-API Checks for Validation x x x
Xtend API for Code Completion x x o
Xtend API for linking and scoping x x x
Editor Lexical Syntax Coloring x x x
Semantic Syntax Coloring - - -
Code Completion x x x
Template proposals x x -
Autoedit - - -
Folding - - x
Go To Declaration x x x
Hyperlinking x x x
Formatting x - -
Outline View x x x
Viewpoints for Outline View - - x
IDE Model Index x - -
Rename Refactoring - - -
Open Model Element - - -
Find References x - o
(only local)
- = not implemented
o = incomplete
x = complete

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