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Working with Bugzilla

For all (Committers and Contributors)

  • Please use the version field to specify which version a bug was encountered in. If you found a bug in Xtext 0.7.0, please mark that bug as version=0.7.0
  • Provide information about how to reproduce the bug
  • Attach whole projects only if neccessary, try to provide as little code as possible and as much as needed in order reproduce the issue
  • Plain text attachments are prefered over mylyn contexts. If you want to attach contexts, please attach the important parts of its content as text file as well.

For Committers

  • The target milestone field is used by committers to specify the milestone a bug should be fixed in (we do time boxed development). We only plan for the current milestone! Don't set anything to future milestones. The list of milestones and their respective deadlines will be posted at (place link here)
  • Whenever you start working on something, the first thing you do is assign the bug to you. You don't need to add your e-mail. If you do so don't forget to add the tmf-inbox to CC, so we all still get informed about the progress in that bug. Don't assign bugs to you when you're not working on it immediately.

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