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Xpand/Workspace Setup

Here's how to set up your workspace for developing Xpand

  1. Download and install any Eclipse distribution - download
  2. If GIT is not already installed, please install it. (Help / Install new Software)
  3. Import the Xpand Team Project set file into your workspace (File / Import / Team / Team Project Set / URL).
  4. Install additional IDE features
    • Run launch config org.eclipse.xpand.devenv/Xpand_Install_IDE_Features.launch
  5. Install Buckminster Headless
    • Select org.eclipse.xpand.releng / Install Buckminster.launch
    • Open context menu: Run As / Install Buckminster
    • This will download and install Buckminster to Select <USER_HOME>/buckminster
  6. Run Buckminster local build
    • Select org.eclipse.xpand.releng/releng/local/local-build.ant
    • Run the Ant script with Context: Run As / Ant Build
    • Grap a coffee...
    • Buckminster will install the Xpand target platform to org.eclipse.xpand.releng/target/target.platform
  7. Set Target Platform
    • Open org.eclipse.xpand.devenv/Xpand TP
    • Click "Set as Target Platform"
  8. Set API Baseline
    • Open
    • Click Export icon in the upper right corner
    • Select destination: <USER_HOME>/hudsonbuild/xpand-build/api-baseline
    • Open Workspace Preferences: Plug-in Development / API Baselines
    • Create Baseline
      • Name: Xpand API Baseline
      • Location: <USER_HOME>/hudsonbuild/xpand-build/api-baseline
  9. Set up Mylyn Tasks
    • Open view "Mylyn / Team Repositories"
    • Double click on the Eclipse Bugzilla entry below node "Bugs"
    • Enter in the Properties dialog:
      • Label: ""
      • User ID / Password: Your credentials
      • Press Validate Settings and Finish if successful
      • Open view "Mylyn / Task List" and create queries
  10. Set up Mylyn Builds
    • Open view "Mylyn / Builds"
    • The view will show "No build servers available. Create a build server...". Click the link.
    • Select "Hudson", then "Next"
    • Enter:
  11. Start Xpand Runtime
    • Run the launch config org.eclipse.xpand.devenv/Xpand Runtime.launch

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