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XSL Tools/API Tooling

For developing the XSL Tools plugins, all XSL Tools committers and contributors should have a Base Line eclipse installation installed. XSL Tools plugins have PDE's API Tooling enabled to help catch API breakages and versioning errors.

Setup API Tooling

For information on setting up API tooling see the following article:

Eclipse 3.4 JEE package should be the base line along with XSL Tools 0.5 added to that package.

Make sure to set up your Base Line reference in the Prefences->Plugin-Development->API Base Line

The name should be WTP 3.0.

Adding PDE API Tooling to a Plugin

  1. Select a project plugin, and right click.
  2. Select PDE Tools->API Tools Setup.
  3. Follow the prompts, select the plugin projects that you want to add API Tooling too.
  4. If you haven't already create your Base Line entries.

Once completed, the API tooling builders will run, and report any errors in the Problems view. All projects that have errors will be marked with the standard error markers.

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