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XQDT/Status Meetings/2010-05-21

XQDT Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Gabriel P Y
Sam N Y
William C Y
David C Y
Donald K

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

Announcements And Special Reports

  • Lionel Villard is joining the XQDT call from IBM Reserch, NY



  • Sam reported that we need a site to document how to generate the parser.
  • how to do XQDoc

Bugs / Issues

  • Angelo's e-mail regarding the remote lunches responded. Started a discussions in the [Bug 313963].
  • Sam reported that users would really like to see refactoring and code navigation is needed

Development Status

  • Gabriel
    • many small commits mainly influencing Zorba and Sausalito
    • SWTBot for UI testing is the recommended way to go. Gabriel will take a look at it next week.
  • Sam
    • Grammar missing rules for ML working? Test for regression
    • Will try to look over Angelo's solution in [Bug 313963]

Future Plans

  • DLTK Interpreter frameork vs. WTP Server Adapter Framework
  • XQDT JDT Enablement (adding XQDT nature for Java projects)
  • DLTK vs. SSE Editor discussions (Lionel's experience)
    • DLTK editor slow and not accurate
    • extend the XML parser
    • let us see Lionel's SSE implementation
    • Lionel will attach his implementation to [Bug 292704]
  • learn by example from PDT for the SSE DLTK integration!!!

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