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XQDT/Status Meetings/2009-12-02

XQDT Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Gabriel P Y
Sam N Y
William C
David C Y
Donald K Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.


Bugs / Issues

  • The proposed list of features and bugs to be included in 0.7 M1 has been discussed and split among Gabriel and Sam as one can see here:
  • Sam needs to report to Bugzilla the following issues:
    • XQuery Version Declaration enhancement (mark with P1; assign it to Sam)
    • Editing problems in XQuery editor (mark with P1; assign it to Gabriel)
    • another one I forgot... Sam?

Development Status

  • Gabriel
    • corrected the grammar bug Bug 296671
    • tries to change/implement the builtin modules extension point that provides both:
      • built-in search modules
      • implicit built-in module imports

Future Plans

  • Now that the workload has be split we will develop until 23rd Dec.
  • The week between Christmas and New Year will be reserved for testing and configuration of the update site
  • For the M2 release the following will be adressed in order immediately after M1 is released

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