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XQDT/Status Meetings/2009-09-23

XQDT Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Gabriel P Y
Sam N Y
William C
David C
Donald K Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.


Eclipse Transition

  • All got contacted by IP to confirm their contribution.
  • Sam has same IP problems with the IP of XCC. Reviewed the XCC library.

Eclipse-related Questions

  • participate in come Eclipse events (conferences, demos, workshops, etc.)
  • we need to get some more information about the commitment of committers in an Eclipse project (incubator vs. graduate project); ways to measures this commitment

Development Status

  • Gabriel finalized the URI resolver facet implementation:
    • the URI resolving facet are now accordingly added also when projects are created
    • resolved the issue when changing the workspace default interpreter (the URI resolver facet is updated in the corresponding projects)
  • Progress on the Zorba Debugger (start, suspend, breakpoints, terminate). Waiting for more progress in the Zorba Debugger (variables, stepping problems)
  • some refactorings in the Sausalito plugins

Future Plans

  • Gabriel
    • Working more on the Zorba Debugger
    • Adding support for Java-based XQuery interpreters
  • (INHERITED FROM LAST WEEK) Sam will try to come up with the first implementation of the two extensions points needed:
    • one extension point for providing built-ins source code and documentation. This extension should allow two ways of providing the information:
      • an XML representation of the built-in modules (the XML can also have documentation tags);
      • paths to one or more directories where the source code of the built-ins is (the documentation is read from the XQDoc comments in the files, if available).
    • the second extension point for providing the implicit imported module prefixes. This extension will replace/use the code of the existing org.xqdt.core.implicitImports extension point.

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