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XQDT/New and Noteworthy

XQuery Development Tools

XQDT 0.8 Release 25th July 2011

  • DLTK 3.0 migration
  • XQuery 3.0
  • XQuery Scripting Extension proposal
  • a new more stable and more complete XQuery debugger implementation in Zorba
  • NOTE: for more details see the Release Notes

XQDT 0.8.0 M4 2nd February 2011

  • This milestore only includes a few internal refactorings and some progress in the big bug.

XQDT 0.8.0 M3 29th November 2010

  • This milestore features just a few minor bug fixes.

XQDT 0.8.0 M2 15th October 2010

SSE Editor

  • Alpha version of the source code formatting.


  • Support for debugger disabled breakpoints if they will not be hit by the debugger. Available for Zorba and Sausalito debuggers. Currently supported by the latest Sausaltio release. Next version of Zorba (Janualry 2011) will also support it.

XQDT 0.8.0 M1 3rd September 2010

SSE Editor

  • Additional editor based on the Structured Source Editing (SSE) Component.

    Sse editor.jpg

  • Customisable syntax coloring for the SSE editor:

    Sse preferences.png

DLTK 2.0 Integration

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