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XOTcl Support Plan

XOTcl Support Plan

(February 14th, 2007)

XOTcl support for DLTK TCL IDE will require some features to be implemented in the DLTK Core Framework. Plan items follow.

DLTK Core Items

  • Type hierarchies. DLTK should provide implementation of Type hierarchy and Quick type hierarchy views.
  • Search Engine improvements. DLTK Search engine should provide search support for: implementers, superclasses, constructors and read/write access of variables.


  • XOTcl-related UI. TCL IDE should provide following UI features: wizards (New Class, New Method, etc).
  • Search Engine improvements. TCL IDE should provide search for XOTcl classes, methods, and fields.
  • Debugging. TCL debugger should provide support for XOTcl objects in TCL debugger.
  • Interactive Console. Interactive TCL console should provide code assistance for XOTcl objects.
  • Content assistance. TCL IDE should provide full content assistance support for XOTcl classes and objects.
  • Type hierarchies. TCL IDE should extend core type hierarchies model to support XOTcl type hierarchies.
  • Documentation. TCL IDE should provide documentation for XOTcl classes, methods, and fields.
  • XOTcl class browsing. DLTK TCL should provide XOTcl browsing perspective with set of views displaying XOTcl OO elements.


This proposed items to be incorporated into DLTK 0.95 Project Plan. Each milestone is 6 weeks long, Milestone X will be changed with actual Milestone number of top-level plan.

Milestone X+0

  • TCL Core improvements to support XOTcl.
    • XOTcl model builder
    • XOTcl indexing/search
    • XOTcl basic code selection (local module method, fields selection).
    • XOTcl build-in commands completion.
    • XOTcl UI Wizards (new class wizard, new method wizard, etc)
  • Initial Tcl debugging
    • Initial Tcl debugger implementation (interpreter-side, DBGp protocol implementation).
    • TCL IDE-side support for debugger (integration).

Milestone X+1

  • XOTcl full featured code selection engine and type inferencing.
  • XOTcl advanced navigation.
    • Open type, proc, etc dialogs.
    • Goto super implementation.
  • XOTcl documentation support.
  • Full featured TCL debugger with console support.
    • Interactive TCL console: support for XOTcl objects.
    • Full DBGp protocol implementation, DBGp protocol extension to support console with content assistance in debug session.

Milestone X+2

  • XOTcl code completion engine.
    • XOTcl method completion.
    • XOTcl variable completion.
  • XOTcl browsing perspective and views.
  • XOTcl type hierarchies. (Type hierarchy view, quick type hierarchy view).
  • XOTcl debugger and console support finalization.

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