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Website Improvements Done for 1.1


Higgins logo 76Wx100H.jpg


Flatten Solutions into the 3 solutions areas (nav structure change)

  • Change left-hand navigation menu
    • Explode "Solutions" into the three "solutions areas": Higgins Selector, Identity Services, Attribute Services
      • Replace the single "Solutions" word in the left-hand-nav with the three solutions areas words (Higgins Selector,...etc.)
  • Eliminate Solutions 1.0 and Solutions 1.1 pages moving their current (duplicative/conflicting) content into the appropriate sections of these pages (thereby eliminating overlap/conflict with these pages):
  • NOTE: the above 3 pages should all be wiki pages so that they are kept better up to date. The php pages are usually out of date at any given moment.
  • Tuck the XDI4J solution underneath the "Attribute Services" solution-area instead of treating it as an orphaned fourth solution area
  • Benefits:
    • Consistency: left hand nav would now be CONSISTENT with the home page (three + misc) vertical "doors"
    • Eliminate duplication/conflict mentioned above
    • Flatter structure: we've now organized our solutions into these four buckets, clicking on each brings you straight there
    • More digestible: the reason we created the "four doors" approach was to chuck Higgins up. Solutions mashes all these disparate solutions back together again.

Reorganizing Solutions


 TODAY        -->        PROPOSED
 =====                   ========

 Clients                 Higgins Selector
 -------                 ----------------
 AIR Client & Server     AIR Selector (including ICS)
                         Web Selector (including ICS)
 ICM[missing!]           merged into the above
 RCP                     no change
 GTK/Cocoa               no change
 FF-embedded             no change
 Identity Services       Identity Services
 -----------------       -----------------
 WS-Trust IdP            no change
 SAML IdP                no change
 RP                      no change
 Web Selector            moved up above
 XDI4J                   moved down below
 Identity Att. Svcs      Attribute Services
 ------------------      ------------------
                         IDS - multiprotocol web service
                         XDI4J - now moved here
                         IdAS - today's Java framework

 Where IDS is short for "Identity Attribute Service," a multiprotocol
 attribute data service (web service) based on IdAS framework.

Eliminate "Higgins Data Model" (nav structure change)

  • Tuck the Context Data Model as a solution under the "IdAS" solution area
  • Eliminate the overarching Higgins Data Model it has been a placeholder for years. The only substance is in the CDM which is ONLY used by IdAS solutions

Misc Wiki

  • Bugfixes for 179537
  • Re-update wiki pages to refresh nav cash where necessary (Top pages only) - OK now
  • Propose wiki page release versioning to dev list with sample page. (For now there is a released version and an underdevelopment version. At some point we may need to support more versions. Navigation link is to the released version with a link near the top of the page to previous versions. Need to play with layout/text to make this clear and easy. Consider converting wiki doc to php when doc is released.)
  • Create an Eclipse Community wiki bugizilla item for supporting project-specific look and feel's
  • Create new Higgins specific look and feel "template" once we know the format and have new look and feel for website.

New Site Look and Feel

Original Design Goals:

  • Give the site have a sense of "integrity". Make the site seem likes its own place while tying this in to the Eclipse mother ship
  • Make it seem like Higgins is a "cool" project
  • Follow this messaging hierarchy:
    • Tagline: Open Source Information Cards
    • Longer description: Cards, wallets and so on are really just the tip of the iceberg. Below the user-experience/metaphor layer, Higgins is provides an pluggable identity framework that can be used to provide identity-related services to a wide variety of applications. The Higgins platform- and protocol-agnostic identity management framework frees the application developer from learning the details of identity technologies, protocols and toolkits. Developers can use Higgins to build "identity provider" web services (e.g. a Token Service) as well as to enable relying websites and applications to rely on identity assertions from identity providers. Developers can also extend Higgins to handle new data sources, new token types and new network protocols by developing plugins to the framework itself


  • Jack draft new text picture concept for new home page - done for 3/25
  • Mary Update plan with additional tasks and sequencing - done for 3/25 - will continue to evolve
  • Can MediaWiki support expanding tabs?
  • Respond to Bjorn about fade and button so rebels have some commonality - initial request 3/24
  • Review status of effort with respect to engaging a Designer
  • Prepare package for Designer for objectives for Higgins website - goal is new design and images that we can use to implement new look and feel and organization for website.
    • Bjorn is requiring a link to the standard project information somewhere in the upper left area of the page. Something to be the equivalent of this: At the moment he is requiring the "About This Project" wording, etc., but is open to other ideas for our new cool pages.
    • Link to sample fade from Eclipse logo to Higgins logo. (Website still needs to have Eclipse logo at the top, like Apache projects have the feather. This is just an initial pass)
    • Still has Eclipse legal stuff at bottom.
    • Implementation: New design must be in PHP and technically compatible with site where it will run.
    • Should pass the 5 second "Higgins is cool" test
    • May include new cool graphics for end user download button(s)
    • Colors that work with mouse and Eclipse logos (but not a yellow/purple theme.)
    • etc.
  • Iterate on new design with Designer.
  • Vet new design with Higgins dev list.
  • Implement new design.
  • Update Eclipse project "about" page that works with the new design.
  • Create new version of intro/benefits text
  • Navigation
    • Redirect to [DONE]
    • Make one more clean-up pass on proposed navigation.
    • Post re-revised navigation organization to Higgins-dev list
    • Propose to Dev list for feedback
    • Implement new nav (implies re packaging of some web and wiki pages)
    • Implement new nav in meta data for wiki
    • Update all wiki pages to get new nav (add higgins project control code where still needed)if necessary

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