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Website Backlog

{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} This page is a catch-all area of ideas of what we COULD or MIGHT to do improve What we'd like to do for 1.1 is here: Higgins 1.1 Wishlist


  • Combine volunteer and getting started material
  • Clean up website directories when are done experimenting.
  • Make the POI and other Higgins papers more visible in own section under news. Don't just bury in press releases.
  • Break Higgins based Solutions at the bottom of Solutions page into open source and commercial offerings.
  • Revise Charter and update old long description
  • Twitter?

Eclipse i-cards

  • Creation and use of "Eclipse" i-cards to build community and drive usage experience
    • Follow-up with webmaster on specifics of relationship between bugzilla and mediawiki
    • Work with ICF and community on error handling for existing MediaWiki ((*Heads up to Charles)
    • Work with ICF and community on workflow for RP's
    • Propose details of Selectors offered initially and subsequently (Hosted (FireFox or AIR), Digital Me or Higgins hosted??)
    • Also create bugzilla RP and distribute widely
    • Draft phased proposal for Eclipse (types of cards, systems)


  • Create flash video(s) and make available from a link on the home page.
  • Could be several short 60-90 second ones. See two Data Portability videos, one in flash and the other in Blair Witch project style
  • Also show at workshops, etc.
  • When the site looks good and navigates well and we have a more polished end user experience post to YouTube and blog about it.
  • Can we get Derick Ashong to star in a brief video?


(This is much lower priority, requires more maturity)

  • Create hands on developer tutorials (i.e. how to add Higgins to my blog, How to hook a silo site up to CloudTripper or whatever...etc.)


  • Jazz up the request for volunteers with requests for specific bounties (when funding permits)

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