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Web Tools Platform Release 3.0 JavaEE Requirements

This page will consolidate Java EE related requirements for WTP 3.0 This list will be used to form an initial 3.0 component plan

All requirements will eventually have backing bugzilla entries.

Java EE5 Requirements

  1. Deployment descriptor editor(s) for all Java EE 5 DD files.
  2. Navigator(Project Explorer) content for Java EE models 199113
  3. Allow up-level spec version changes for JEE facets 182210
  4. JEE 5 module-specific validator support
  5. Simplify Java EE DD model APIs
    1. Existing model clients MUST continue to work without recompilation(Legacy models in JEE5 projects)198672
    2. Extensible/Pluggable EE5 model framework that supports merged view of DDs and source annotations 198815 199111
    3. Public wrapper APIs for specific module types (e.g. IWebProject,IEnterpriseApplication, WebApp)163231187699
    4. Public Utility classes 190048
    5. ModelProvider API updates - listeners 198674
  6. Framework for Archive import that allows pluggable implementations for module type descrimination.
  7. EJB3 Session/MDB Wizards 199119 199121
  8. EJB Bean properties and overview views like the Entity Bean ones in Dali 199118
  9. Add action to generate deployment descriptor from Annotations for Java EE 5 projects 196271
  10. Filter and Listener Wizards 199105 199106
  11. JSR 175 - Java EE 5 specifications for annotation based programming, e.g. for EJB 3.0, JPA, Web services
    1. JSR 181 - Web Services
    2. JSR 220 - EJB 3.0, JPA

Dependency Management/Virtual Component API/Project Model

  1. Support facet-based constraints on project module dependencies 197160
  2. Classpath entry publish/export enhancements
    1. Use classpath entry publish/export support to handle most J2EE dependencies 116856 (project cp entries 184125, class folders 189943)
    2. Other: preferences 185112, quick fixes 185137, util projects 184094, validation

Proposed Enhancement Backlog

Need help!! Calling on volunteers to help triage (target to 3.0, future, or close) - contact

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