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WTP Servers Bridge for STP SOAS

Why need to build the wtp server bridge

One suggestion from the lastest stp meeting (Apr24,25, dublin): Since wtp server framework is quite popular now, it will be nice if we can deploy component directly to wtp server within SOAS.

Thus we build this bridge to connect between those two frameworks. It will allow developer to use wtp server as connection profile defined in stp. Thus we can deploy service to wtp server without modify current code base, which is all based on connection profile.

How it works


  • StpProfileManager

Instead of using ProfileManager from DTP, we delegate all profile related calls to the new StpProfileManager. It will first lookup profile form DTP, then retrieve profile from wtp server delegate. The result will be combination of both.

  • WtpServerBridge

It used to retrive related wtp server from ServerCore according to server type <-> connection profile ID mappings defined in the bridge extension point.

  • IWTPServerAdater

Adapter interface to convert server instance to connection profile class. For each server type supported by this bridge, there will be an server adapter.

  • Tomcat server adapter

Predefined adapter to convert tomcat server in wtp to tomcat connection profile.

  • wtpBridge.exsd

Define the mapping between wtp server type and stp connection profile id

Extension point schema


*wtpServerType, It is server type defined in wtp. for tomcat example "org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.55"
*stpConnectionProfile, It is the related connection profile defined in stp. for tomcat example "org.eclipse.stp.soas.deploy.profile.tomcat"
*stpProfileCategory, connection profile category defined in stp. for example "org.eclipse.stp.soas.deploy.profile.tomcat"
*serverAdapterClass, the adapter class to convert wtp server to ConnectionProfile i/f, for example "org.eclipse.stp.soas.deploy.tomcat.wtp.WtpTomcatServerAdapter"


  • Tomcat server defined in stp connection profile

Stp dtp tomcatserver.jpg

  • Tomcat server defined in wtp server framwork

Tomcat wtp server.JPG

  • Server selection dialog in STP Deploy wizard, which contains those two servers

Stp deploy serverselectiondialog.JPG

Using Tomcat server defined in wtp

In org.eclipse.stp.soas.deploy.tomcat, we provided the wtp Tomcat server support by:

*Define tomcat server type <-> connection profile mapping in wtpBridge extension point in plugin.xml
*Provide WtpTomcatServerAdapter class, which can convert wtp server to tomcat connection profile.

In order to support other servers in wtp, such as ServiceMix, you can reference the tomcat implementation here.

More work need to do?

  • Integrate with IModule?

We didn't implemented the IModule interface in the bridge. That means after deploy from stp, you can't see it from wtp server module view. We will looking into this later...

Johnson Ma, 2007-05-11

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