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WTP Release 1.5.5 Schedule

WTP 1.5.5


The proposal is that to keep focus on WTP 2.0 shutdown, we don't actually start development until the end of June and don't declare an M build until July 13th. Then, we take the biweekly approach we did in 1.5.4, with a few RC shutdown weeks leading to an August 31 GA. RDB will work throughout May and June since they don't have any 2.0 work and are preparing migration efforts to DTP.
May 11-June 22 RDB Fixes
June 29 All Component Fixes
July 13 M Build
July 27 M Build
Aug 10 RC1
Aug 17 RC2 (only if needed for blocking bugs or major regressions)
Aug 24
Aug 31 1.5.5 GA


WTP 1.5.5 is a service release for critical defects, regressions, and adopter issues only. There should be no translation or UI changes, nor should it affect any API reported through the adopter scanning tools. The bar will be higher than in 1.5.4, both for keeping focus on the 2.0.x and 3.0 streams and for maintaining stability in 1.5.5.

Bug Approval

All bugs must be approved by the normal PMC Approval Process.
WTP 1.5.5 PMC Bugs for Approval

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