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WTP Release 1.0.3 End Game

Just a reminder to everyone that the criteria for WTP 1.0.3 approval is 3 or more positive votes and no negative votes. All fixes must meet this criteria before they can be released to the WTP 1.0.3 build. I've created a Web page [1] that shows you which bugs were approved: [1]

And, committers ... even after the 3 vote approval, please use care releasing as we will want to following "versioning rules" carefully.

That is, the first time something is released to a plugin for 1.0.3, its version's service number should be bumped up by one. Plus, we do not yet, have a good "automatic" solution for incrementing effected feature version qualifiers, and in the worst case, will have to do so "manually", by tagging/releasing the cvs version of effected features ... both so the features service number is changed the first time one of its contained plugins change, and from then on, change it qualifier (cvs version tag) when ever on of its contained plugins change).

So, if you are the first to release a fix to a plugin, you should up the version's service number, AND, I suggest, make a note in the bug that you have done so, (and what version was, and what you changed it to) so there will be trace of it, in case that makes it easier to manage this.

The end-goal of all this care in versioning is so that, in principle, someone could "pick up" any build and update a current install with it, and all the right versions would be installed, and right ones picked at run time.

Important Dates

  • 7/17 final code for 1.0.3
  • 7/18 smoke test 1.0.3
  • 7/19 1.03 RC declared
  • 7/20 - begin week-long-no-changes phase, adopter can/should do acceptance testing
  • 7/26 - prepare update site/zips, etc.
  • 7/28 - official 1.0.3 release

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