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WTP Release 1.0.2 End Game Details

3/28 Smoke Test

3/29 Declare M-build

3/29 Start "R" build warmup's

  • From this point on, all code released to 1.0.2 builds must be reviewed by PMC (and community)
  • Component leads must post proposed bug list to wtp-dev before releasing to build
  • (and wait 24 hrs for approval from PMC, if at least one "approve", and no explicit objections raised assume approved, after 24 hours).

  • document in the bug
    • the cost and benefit tradeoffs
    • describe the proposed fix
    • describe the testing and review that has taken place

3/30 Status Meeting - triage all "1.0.2 hot bugs" and bugs targeted to 1.0.2

Goal is to make sure we have realistic, manageable list that can be fixed in 1 week.

4/6 Produce RC1 build (code must be released by EOD 4/5).

4/6 Smoke test RC1

4/7 RC1 Declared

4/13 Produce RC2 (if required).

4/14 RC2 Declared

This is the week of "no changes, no stop ship bugs found"

4/21 Declare R1.0.2

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