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WTP Readiness For CBI

This wiki page captures the the readiness of WTP projects to move from PDE to CBI builds.

Instructions: Find your project in the table below and mark each task and overall readiness with either a "checkmark" or "cross". The Comment column is meant to capture differences, or overall comments in each projects analysis of build artifacts.

The Build comparison should be done using same day builds (I used 5/8 builds) This bug is driving this task

Smoketests should be done on a recent build (like 5/8) - builds are located here - I used the repository

Your vote in the below table will not trigger any immediate action. The information collected will be used for further discussions and plans on using the CBI output in the Luna aggregation builds.

Checkmark.gif = I feel comfortable moving to CBI for Luna release
Fail.gif = I don't feel comfortable moving to CBI yet - more work to be done
Questionmark.gif= Readiness status pending
Project Lead Build Comparison CBI Build Smoketest Overall Readiness Comments
Common Tools
Carl Anderson Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif
Neil Hauge Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif
EJB Tools
Kaloyan Raev Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif
Java EE Tools
Chuck Bridgham Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gif Questionmark.gif Other than changes in size because of jar signing... The one major difference in CBI is the generation of xxx.userdoc.feature.source jar's - these are a waste - and should be removed (bug 434890), but doesn't prevent moving forward.
JavaScript Development Tools
Christopher Jaun Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif
JavaServer Faces
Raghunathan Srinivasan Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gif Source features (org.eclipse.jsf.feature.source, org.eclipse.jst.jsf.apache.trinidad.tagsupport.feature.source, org.eclipse.jst.webpageeditor.feature.source) contain in CBI, where they did not in legacy build.

Extra plug-in in CBI: org.eclipse.jst.jsf.doc.user.source.

These should be investigated, but are not reason to prevent moving to CBI.

Release Engineering
Carl Anderson Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif
Server Tools
Elson Yuen Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif JUnit not running yet.
Source Editing
Nick Sandonato Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gif Checkmark.gif Extra plugins in CBI build (Bug 435092):

org.eclipse.jst.jsp.ui.infopop.source, org.eclipse.wst.dtd.ui.infopop.source, org.eclipse.wst.dtdeditor.doc.user.source, org.eclipse.wst.html.ui.infopop.source, org.eclipse.wst.sse.doc.user.source, org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui.infopop.source, org.eclipse.wst.standard.schemas.source, org.eclipse.wst.xml.ui.infopop.source

Web Services Tools
Keith Chong Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif Questionmark.gif

Web Services and WSDL ( Questionmark.gif , Questionmark.gif , Questionmark.gif )

Build comparison - TBD

Failing test: org.eclipse.wst.validation.test

Failing test: org.eclipse.wst.wsi.tests.internal.BasicProfileAnalyzerTest.testReportWriterIsClosedAfterReportIsFinished

JAX-WS sub-component ( Checkmark.gif , Checkmark.gif , Checkmark.gif )

Extra feature included in CBI build (Bug 435094):

Other source features in CBI build contain an additional file:

Differences in jars files sizes between PDE and CBI because of jar signing.

One failing test:

Same NPE error reported in that test also thrown in these two: org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.tests.dialog.DialogsTestCase.testDeleteServerDialog org.eclipse.wst.common.snippets.tests.providers.TextProviderTests.testTextSnippetCreation

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