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WTP Quality

Thoughts on Quality for the Web Tools Project (Work In Progress)

This wiki page should describe how the WTP addresses the issue of Quality.

How do we ensure quality in the WTP Project?

  • High committer standards
    • More than anything else, high quality committers will result in high quality software
  • Adequate JUnit tests for components
    • Necessary for early bug detection in the development life-cycle and future maintainability of the software
  • Continuous and Integration Builds
  • Releasing early in the development life-cycle at predictable intervals
    • Among other things, this allows users to test functionality and find bugs before the software is released
  • Focus on bug reports
    • Ensure that important bugs from the community are addressed in a reasonable time period
    • This is another place where the community can have an impact on the overall quality of the project through both entering bugs and by fixing them

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