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WTP Planning Lead

The Planning Lead is responsible for the week-to-week, milestone-to-milestone planning and coordination of WTP Releases, which includes:

  • Conduct a weekly (or regularly occurring) status call primarily for (sub-) project leads but anyone is welcome to join in.
  • Coordinate activities required for the yearly release train.
    • make sure projects understand "must do" items and have some means of compliance checking.
    • monitor and coordinate cross-project mailing list
    • monitor and coordinate cross-project bugzilla component
  • Define and assume responsibility for EPP packages that includes WTP components.
  • The Planning Lead is also, typically, WTP's appointed representative to the Eclipse Foundation's (EMO) Planning Council.
  • Lead and ensure release reviews are ready.
    • Ensure IP Log is maintained and accurate.
    • Make sure Functions, specs, standards, etc., are properly documented
  • Monitor dependencies and decide/recommend when to move to new versions.

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