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WTP Performance Tests/2008-08-25


Gary Karasiuk
Angel Vera
Mark Hutchinson Y
Nick Sandonato
Carl Anderson Y
Kaloyan Raev Y
Raghu Srinivasan
Neil Hauge Y
David Williams


How do we proceed with the patch in bug 244986?
Has everyone identified and tried to run a single test case?


There were only few participants on the call and it was a very short one.
Kaloyan will consolidate the minutes from the last two meetings and will move the most important one to the front wiki page.
Most of the teams have defined there single performance test. We expect that next week the table will be completed.
Nick has prepared a patch (see bug 244986) that allows us to make progress with the graph visualization tool. The patch should be applied to Eclipse Platform code, but the bug is still in the WTP Releng project. It is not quite clear how we go forward with this patch, who will communicate this with the Platform team. May be David and Nick?
Next Monday, September 1st, is the Labor Day for USA and Canada. Therefore, we decided to cancel that meeting since this is a holiday for most of the attendees.

Action items

Remaining components should work on their single performance test and try to get it to run.
Kaloyan will move the most important info on the front wiki page.


Bugzilla: (performance tests) No Results for WTP Tests

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